It will be spring time in South Africa during the conference. 

Temperatures will average around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, 15-20 degrees Celsius. Expect some sunshine and not much rain.

Please be sure to double-check the weather forecast closer to the conference!



  • Bring layered clothing. Temperatures will change indoors, outdoors, and on your connecting flights. If you plan to spend time outdoors, bring functional/breathable clothing, hats, shades, and bug spray. 


  • Feel free to dress in your own style. Generally, in Cape Town many will be wearing browns, blacks, and neutral tones with splashes of color. 


  • The conference is not a formal event. Dress comfortably and to your liking. Sneakers, flats, and other comfortable shoes are a good idea. A light bag to carry is also a good idea, especially if you might shop. 


  • Remember to bring your national dress and campus paraphernalia for Nations Night, October 4, and Campus Night, October 6.  

And do not forget first aid, sunscreen, and toiletries.  


For all of our host hotels, which are located on Century Boulevard, there are nearby stores available to purchase any basics you might need.

Canal Walk Shopping Center
This mall just steps away from our hotels includes stores for souvenirs, clothing, electronics and sports gear, and an American Express bank. 

Woolworths Supermarket
This grocery store has all your basic needs and is just a mile away, with a three-minute-ride transit bus that drives directly there and back. 


Make sure your bags are tagged correctly and locked if desired so you can enjoy smooth travel. 

Leave space for items you might want to bring home from South Africa. 

*Check the laws of the countries you will travel to and through for foods or items that are not permissible in carry-on luggage, through airports, or on planes.


Please book your flights as soon as possible!

The earlier you book the better options and lower prices you will have. For more information on flights to Cape Town, download Advice for Travelers to South Africa.


Visa requirements and processes vary depending on your country and nationality

Please check with the South Africa Consulate in your area and provide enough time to receive an approved visa for you and every person traveling with you.

You may need a flight reservation and a written invitation to the World Conference in order to get your visa. For your written invitation, please email

For more information on visas, download Visiting South Africa: Visas