Thursday, July 18th |

Teens & Screens

Speaker: Joe & Kristine Jardine

10:00–10:40 a.m.

Thursday, July 18th

Joe and Kristin Jardine will take you through a detailed look at how your teen’s relationships with their screens is affecting them relationally, physiologically, and spiritually.  Joe and Kristin will go over boundaries, solutions, and relevant information parents need to know about today’s technology. Can screens be addicting? Does it affect their studying? Can it affect their moods? Can they get into trouble with the law? How much time per day should my child play video games? Or be on their phone? All of these questions and more will be answered and discussed during this presentation.

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Joe is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in clinical psychology. He has a private practice in Orange County, California, and is a social psychology professor at Vanguard University. Joe also works with the largest NFL agency as a performance coach working with professional coaches and players.


Kristin earned her B.A. in theatre arts and a minor in psychology from Azusa Pacific University. Kristin has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. Her experience includes performing in over 40 theatrical shows, numerous commercials, and popular tv shows like The Goldbergs and Drama Club. Kristin has lent her voice for interactive audio books, video games, animated TV shows, and the TV show Glee. Kristin speaks to MOPS groups, women’s Bible studies and events, as well as at teenager retreats and camps. 

Joe and Kristine are cofounders of RESET, a coaching and consulting service that focuses on equipping churches and families on navigating current trends in our culture.